I am very delighted to introduce Goshen International Business School’s (GIBS) range of training and professional development workshops, conference, seminars, for year 2020.

At GIBS, we specialize in Management Consultancy and Development services and support individuals and organizations by providing expert advice and training to develop their capacity and improve their performance. This is with the aim of patnering with organizations in their journey to success. As you may know, success begins at the start, hence our wish to starts this journey of success with you from the beginning of the year.

During the last six (6) years, we have worked with several high profile private and public service organizations and have become a leading provider in public service management development with a portfolio of over eighty (80) professional development workshops (in-plant and open courses) across Nigeria. We are taking the facilitation of knowledge beyond the shores of Nigeria in year 2020.

We have a rich diversity of expert workshop Directors and Facilitators, including practitioners, trainers, researchers and academics with in-depth knowledge of their subject areas and wide international exposure and experience.

Our current spread cuts across the geo-political zones of Nigeria enabling us to deliver quality training at the doorsteps of our clients. Our blend of generic and specialist workshops provide an excellent opportunity for networking as typically you will find people from a range of organzations attending each workshops, conferences, seminars enable you to gain practical skills in developing change strategies for improved public service. Our emphasis is on preparing action plans, provide measurable learning outcomes and sustainability.

Our friendly, flexible and collaborative approach with clients allow us to work closely with organizations to provide tailored solution, both in the public and private sectors. We pride ourselves to our ability to provide high quality services and value for money. We have always delivered on our mandate.

Please endeavour to reach out to us for your choice selections, bookings and other inquiries on your training and development needs. While we look forward to a robust relationship with you, we urge you to take advantage of us, so that no one takes advantage of you. God bless you.

Oluwafemi Joseph